Fixing Machine

Third Prize of the competition Focus for Makers

The fixing machine is a simple system that allow anyone to print small plastic plaster with which to “heal the sick objects” when something breaks it is usually difficult to repair it in a robust way, because often they aren’t designed for a long life and to be repaired, these colored patches not only reinforce the break lines, but they also tell that the piece has been repaired, to make it visible, without being ashamed. The things that you choose to repair become yours and uniques, like when you take something that has been abandoned.
After all, nothing is placed so bad that you can not try to fix it!

1- customize and print your plaster
2- immerse in boiling water
3- wait a couple of minutes
4- bend it on the broken object
5- glue all together
6- now you have your new object

Congratulations! you have just “cured” your object!

files: laser cut dxf – algoritmo grasshopper – schemi fritzing

Workshop @ Wired Next Festival


Licenza Creative Commons
Fixin Machine by Stefano Paradiso Enrico Bassi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale 3.0 Unported License.


  1. Cerca di NON distruggere tutto!!! ^^

    Mi piace

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